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Who is Mercato Brokers

Mercato Brokers is a premium multi-asset brokerage firm aimed at making financial markets easily available and accessible to traders of all kinds. With professionalism and transparency as our driving forces, Mercato Brokers has fostered and sustained a world-class trading environment with the highest quality of online financial services. We welcome our traders with award-winning platforms, excellent trading conditions, great liquidity, and accessibility to financial markets, consequently delivering a unique trading experience. Our teams go the extra mile to provide our clients with the technology, resources, and support they need, regardless of their experience level. Mercato Brokers adopts a client-centric culture. Therefore, we will continuously do everything in our power to present you with a unique trading experience, simultaneously achieving our vision of maintaining our position as a global broker. All of our infrastructure and technology is supported by our carefully selected array of advanced trading tools. We have had our super knowledgeable and experienced team select a vast array of trading technology, tools and systems with one single minded proposition to help our traders to make more informed decisions more often. Founder of Mercato Brokers spent years working in many global companies before establishing his own firm, so he knew what the problems was facing the companies and the traders and decided to solve that issues in Mercato Brokers.

Our Mission

Teach, educate and help traders to make the perfect deals decisions. Mercato Brokers goal is to be one of the trusted companies in the world of financial technology and to provide our clients secure and transparent trading experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep enhancing our services and increase our market share. We believe that the most important factors for the continuity of our success are the trust from our clients, a solid and dynamic management and the always prominent performance of our team.

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• Why Choosing Mercato Brokers?

1- Providing instant access to the markets We Execute your trades in less than a second making you to take opportunities in moving markets.

2- Our good values We believe that the financial markets should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re committed to lowering the cost of trading so that you can reach your financial goals more easily.

3- Technology solution delivery Identify profitable opportunities and ensure business growth with our technology systems. We kept developing and invest in technology that results in an intuitive platform you can trust to deliver fast, reliable execution regardless of market volatility or sentiment.

4- Experience you can depend on Mercato Brokers has been a provider in financial services for more than decade. Throughout that time, we’ve been through it all: from new, surging asset classes that garner global attention to the market crashes and pandemic-inspired volatility, we’ve weathered every extraordinary event and been a mainstay in support for our clients to capitalize on these opportunities.

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